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IUE2013 Conference

Spotlighting methods for dramatically improving today's user experience

IUE 2013, the ninth annual conference brings you top industry speakers, practitioners, and authors to provide you with a complete package of Internet user experience design training, case studies, and real-world examples. We cover most aspects of web site design and strategy, including user experience design, graphics, branding, social media, content style, the migration to mobile, and enhancements that drive customers to your site.

This year's conference will be held at the Tempe Mission Palms, which is located in the heart of the Mill Avenue district.

Speakers and Topics

Dean Barker

Dean Barker

Director of User Experience
Larry Marine

Larry Marine

User Experience Architect
Intuitive Design
Danielle Cooley

Danielle Cooley

DGC Consulting, LLC

Innovating by Design:
How to Effectively Manage Product Usability and Design for Real Business Results

How can a company innovate by design? Part of the answer is in putting a customer-connected focus on creating and improving the user experience for your products. It starts with a culture of design thinking and integrating usability and design in the product development process. This requires a commitment to being data-driven and developing the managerial skills to plan and lead user experience programs. Using proven paradigms, principles and processes, learn to translate strategic objectives into compelling user experiences that support brand representation, lead product innovation and exceed business goals.

What a User Experience Strategy Looks Like

There has been a wave of discussion about UX Strategies, recently, yet few have focused on what, exactly a UX strategy is or where it fits in the grand scheme of things. During the 1960's, you could walk the halls of NASA and ask anyone - an astronaut, a flight engineer, a technician, or even a janitor pushing a broom at 3 o'clock in the morning - "what are you doing here?" and they would all give you the same answer. "We're going to the moon!" That simple, singular, preeminent vision drove every decision for a decade and resulted in one of humankind's greatest achievements. So, how do you find your "Going to the Moon" vision? This session will describe how to find yours, what it will look like, and where it fits in your organization.

Less Content. More Strategy.

This presentation will briefly describe the concept of content strategy, then explore how an abundance of content increases stress and costs money, and how LESS content is a much better approach. Attendees will gain an appreciation of content strategy as a discipline, consider a new approach to product content, and assess the wisdom of their own company's content strategy.

Theo Mandel

Theo Mandel, Ph.D.

User Experience Design and Research
Interface Design and Development
Dante Murphy

Dante Murphy

Global Experience Director
Digitas Health
Dave Mitropoulos-Rundus

Dave Mitropoulos-Rundus

UX Guy, Quicken Loans
Principal, Clear Usability, LLC

Golden Rules of User Experience Design

User experience design has focused mainly on web and mobile devices in the past few years. Interface and interaction designs obviously must be optimized to the computing devices people use and their ever-changing physical environment and personal goals. New design and development processes, such as Mobile First and Lean UX are in vogue. However, general principles based on cognitive psychology and human perception still apply regardless of the user's device and environment. Common user experience design guidelines ("Golden Rules") have evolved since the early 1990's and are still critical to design today. This presentation describes the history of these critical golden rules, the rules in detail, and how they relate to today's user experience designs.


Technology thrives on making things smaller. More circuits on the chip means more power, more memory, more portability. But in the evolution of ideation, this same trend can poison the ecosystem of innovation. Learn how working big...both physically and conceptually...can unlock your team's creative potential. This presentation will describe the rationale and techniques for effective collaboration and impactful presentations. In a BIG way.

The Real Threshold of Usability

With today's proliferation of customer touch points, many businesses are challenged to ensure their websites, mobile apps, social media, phone systems, and other customer-facing elements provide adequate consistency, clarity and usability so that customers can effectively navigate, find, and understand what is offered.

Forget about the boutiques and magic, and learn how to establish solid user experience goals for your customer touch points, ensure their design, and continuously measure and make the most strategic improvements.

After Hours

Shop and eat in the Mill Avenue district.

Explore the Sonoran desert in spring bloom.

Annual IUE Pub Crawl - April 2nd, 5:00pm.

Meet with your colleagues at the professional organization happy hour at
Harry's Place Lounge - April 3rd, 5:00pm (immediately following the conference).
Michigan CHI officers will be on hand to discuss an AZ chapter formation.

Our Host Hotel

Tempe Mission Palms Hotel and Conference Center

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