About the Internet User Experience Conference

IUE2018 is a conference that spotlights effective and compelling designs for websites, applications and devices, and teaches methods for dramatically improving today’s user experience. The conference goal is to foster the understanding of user experience and usability methods, and the application of research and best practices to the design of the expanding range of internet “devices” and other customer touch-points. The conference achieves this by bringing you some of the most compelling speakers and the most experienced and effective trainers in the field of user experience today. The conference also invites a broad range of companies and professionals to showcase contemporary web, tablet, and mobile sites and applications, and to demonstrate significant improvements and redesigns. This combination provides a comprehensive package of internet user experience design training, case studies, business success stories, and real-world examples.


Conference format and session types

The format of the conference includes
  • Keynote talks and presentations
  • Panel sessions
  • Demonstrations
  • Exhibits
  • Networking
Together they provide an effective mix of practical design, strategic vision, and future thinking. Topics include optimizing usability through product design, effectively integrating user experience into your organization, managing with today’s constraints, and understanding current technology breakthroughs and future directions for internet devices that will meet customer needs and business goals.


IUE2017 offers you and your company a unique opportunity to connect with a very special group of professionals which include:
  • User Experience Designers, Information Architects, Visual and Graphic Designers, and Web Developers
  • Customer experience champions, stakeholders, and creators
  • Business Analysts
  • Product Planners

Conference History and Current Scope

The Internet User Experience conference has been held annually since 2005.  It started by providing programs and training primarily for User Experience professionals and Web Site Developers. Since then, the conference has expanded to include branding, content strategy, analytics, and to include tablet, mobile, and automotive systems.