Online Surveys: The Jan Brady of the UX Toolbox

Farris Khan

Chris Farnum

Like Jan Brady, online surveys are the middle child. They occupy the space between analytics platforms which are highly quantitative and user testing which can often be very qualitative. Many people turn their noses up at surveys including some business stakeholders and even UX-ers. Have you ever heard a stakeholder say, “I never fill out one of those. I always just close them.” Though they are often misunderstood and overlooked (“Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!”) surveys can be a powerful tool for measuring and baselining your user experience. There are different types of surveys, and how you choose and configure them makes all the difference. Farris and Chris will take you on a tour of several different approaches to survey programs. We’ll outline their potential benefits as well as pitfalls. And we promise that we won’t be wearing wigs.

Presentation (PDF, 1450k)