Deciding Together

Dan Klyn

Bill Holsinger-Robinson

Deciding together is hard: because things have never been more complex. Because there are more deciders involved than less. Because people change their minds, and don’t always know what they want, or have a clear view of what’s involved in determining what “good” means. 
How do we get to the deep and durable “agreement behind the making” that results in products and services that are good for people while still aligning with business intent?
“Deciding Together” is what Dan Klyn and Bill Holsinger-Robinson from The Understanding Group call the often-skipped or otherwise avoided act of truth seeking in advance of problem solving. In their talk, Dan and Bill examine trends in society and culture that correlate with truth-seeking and problem-solving, and present an approach for attaining deep and durable agreement among project stakeholders that anyone involved in the design of Internet user experiences can apply immediately.